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World Languages

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World language is a graduation requirement. To meet this requirement, students must earn 2 credits in the same world language.  These requirements may be waived for students who are sure they will not attend a university.  If a student opts out of world language, these courses will be replaced with ones designed to enhance and expand the elective focus. It is anticipated that this credit will be completed by the end of a student’s junior year. Seniors may enroll if requirement has not been met or may see the grade level counselor for the opt out form.


Spanish I (10-12)

  • Prerequisites:  None

Students will acquire a command of basic vocabulary and language structures through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities in the present tense and an overview of Hispanic culture.  Students will be expected to memorize vocabulary and master verb conjugation.  Mastery of English grammar is strongly recommended before learning a foreign language.  


Spanish II (10-12)

  • Prerequisite: Spanish I 

Students will integrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities as they build upon skills mastered in Spanish I.  Students will learn to express their opinions, provide an accurate description of a place or a person, talk about things from the past and tell what is going to happen in the future.  There will be an overview of Hispanic history that will enable students to better understand the language and culture.  If students earn less than an 85 average in Spanish I, tutoring may be required for Spanish II.