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Student Quarantine Requirements & Check In Form

Posted Date: 10/19/2020

Student Quarantine Requirements & Check In Form

Student Quarantine Check in Form

Requirements for Students Who are Quarantined

  • Your teachers will contact you regarding how and when you will check in for their class.

  • You must check in for class every day.  Failure to do so will result in being counted absent for that class for that day.

  • If a loaner computer is available, the teacher will use it to facilitate a Google Meet for their class.  If a loaner is unavailable for use, the teacher may ask a student in the class to help facilitate a Google Meet by partnering with the quarantined student.  The “in person” student can monitor for questions from the student who is quarantined and use their device to live stream the class.

  • If the quarantined student does not have internet access, they can use their phone to check in.  If that is not an option, assignments can be sent to the office for pick up.  


I understand the requirements listed above and will abide by them should I be quarantined.