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Media Center Resources


The Audio Suite is the perfect place for students looking to record music, podcasts, interviews, or any number of audio based projects. 

It has a full loadout of recording equipment free for students to use including: 

  • A dedicated Mac Computer with GarageBand for audio recording and Ableton Live for editing recorded data.

  • A Push Controller, keyboard, and JamStick that works with Ableton Live software.

  • High-quality speakers, microphone, and headphones for sound recording.

The Audio Suite can be used for both personal and educational purposes, but you must ask a library assistant before using. Keep in mind all of our equipment is expensive, so please treat it with respect! 


The Video Suite is a widely used center for students interested in recording video footage for school projects, scholarship and competition projects, and even personal hobbies. Ask a library assistant before using the video suite to ensure it is open. 

Its equipment loadout includes:

  • A dependable Mac Computer with iMovie and Adobe Suite for editing already recorded footage.

  • A Sony Alpha A7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera with a tripod and an external RODE microphone for high quality audio and video recording. 

  • A full sized green screen and editing software to take student projects to the next level.

  • iPads for recording video/ green screen.

  • A Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD NXCAM Camcorder with tripod and lavalier mics.

  • A teleprompter for prewritten scripts.

Similar to most things in our Media center, our tools and equipment are expensive so please treat everything with respect!

Makers Suite 

Students have opportunities to design tactile objects that they can use in a number of exciting ways! 

  • Dremel 3D Printer that students can use to print anything from chess pieces to intricate sculptures that they can design themselves. 

  • Cameo Silhouette can print decals onto anything from windows and bulletin boards to thermoses and t-shirts. 

  • Sewing Machines can allow students to create clothing, quilts, and service projects.

  • Button Maker which students can place any picture they wish onto a button

  • Students also have their own access to a standardized printer connected to the library Mac Computer, this can be used at all times to print various amounts of school work and personal paperwork. 

Because most of these creative items require materials, simply ask a library assistant to ensure each machine has the correct amount of ink, plastic, paper, etc.