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Full Width School related picture

73520A Theatre I & Theatre II (9-12)

  • Prerequisites: None / To repeat class, one must earn a B or greater

  • Requirement:  Limited amount of after-school work

The introductory class (Theatre I) will expose students to the history of drama of various kinds by way of reading and/or viewing.  Students will gain experience in improvisation, pantomime, monologues, and duet acting.  Students will also gain hands-on experience in stagecraft while working on and/or performing a production. Upon repeating the course, advanced students (Theatre II) will be engaged in in-depth studies of various kinds of drama and will refine skills in improvisation, pantomime, monologues, and duet acting.   Advanced students may have the opportunity to direct.  

7G05H16T Theater III:  Theatre Technology (10-12)

  • Prerequisites: None

Theatre Technology is a class designed to focus on the technical elements of the theatre program.  This class will focus on learning the technical elements of stage production including prop building, prop painting, maintaining stage, stage lighting, sound reinforcement, and proper OSHA safety practices.  This class is designed to support the theatre class plays, fine arts department musicals, and other auditorium events throughout the year.  

7G05H17  Theater IV:  Musical Theatre (9-12)

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Requirement: Performance

This course offers students the opportunity to study and perform in this genre.  The course combines practical vocal training and development of students as actors and dancers.  The curriculum includes production of the school musical and/or a musical revue as well as other musical theatre-related projects.  Can be taken for multiple credits.