Lenoir City High School

Student / Parent Handbook

2015 - 2016

Lenoir City High School

Estudiante / Padre manual

2015 - 2016

Lenoir City High School will hold a 9th grade orientation on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 12:30 to 3:30pm.  Freshmen should report to the high school auditorium. All new students regardless of grade, should register in the guidance department.

Students needing a schudule change should see a guidance counselor from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 on July 29, 30, 31, August 3 & 4th in the guidance department. Students will be seen on a first come, first serve basis.

Panther Day will be Tuesday, August 4th at LCHS and will include: pictures (for yearbooks and ID badges); parking pass sales; club fair with signups; AIP and STEM registration; discounted yearbook sales; and locker requests.

Guidance will only be open for registration.

Clinic information will be available.

Door prizes and clubs will be selling breakfast and lunch as a fundraiser.

Schedule by grade:

12 Graders - 9-10

11 Graders - 10-11:15

10 Graders - 11:15-12:30

9 Graders - 12:30-3:30


 Lenoir City High School Dress Code

Revised: 5/2015

It is the intent of the administration of Lenoir City High School to provide a safe and appropriate environment for all of our students. With that in mind, we are faced with implementing a dress code that facilitates both safety and a positive appearance for everyone. Apparel or appearance, which tends to draw attention to an individual and away from a learning situation, must be avoided. In order to aide in understanding, homeroom time will be allotted to explain the dress code and to allow for discussion and questions.   Each student will be required to sign a verification sheet to assure that he / she has been made aware of the dress code policy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

The following is intended to be guidelines for selecting daily wear at school:

1. Facial piercings shall be limited to small nose studs. No other facial piercings will be allowed. Clear plastic fillers, bandages or tape may not be worn to conceal piercings.

2. No accessories (including, but not limited to, sunglasses, hats, visors, bandanas, spiked collars or chains) may be worn. Hoodies are not to be worn with the hood up over the head, while in the building.

3. Blouses, dresses, and shirts must have an attached sleeve that completely covers the shoulder. Shirts that fall off the shoulders may not be worn.

4. Pants must be worn in such a way as not to expose undergarments. Oversized pants, sagging pants, or pants with holes above the knees will not be allowed.

5. Neckline, and the length of shirts or blouses must not allow excessive exposure.

6. Shorts, dresses, and skirts (including the top of the slits) must fall at or below the students fingertips.

7. Leggings and yoga pants may only be worn under a dress, skirt, shorts, or a long shirt that meet fingertip length or beyond. This does not include panty hose, tights, or any other skin revealing/see through fabric.

8. Hair styles that are determined by the administration to be distracting to the learning environment will not be permitted.

9. Shoes must be worn in such a way as to demonstrate they are secured to the feet while walking. No house shoes may be worn.

10. Pajamas (including pajama pants) may not be worn.

Note 1 – No obscene or profane language or graphics will be permitted on any clothing, purses, backpacks, jewelry, or other personal items. In addition, references and images relating to drugs, alcohol, gangs, racial issues, sexually suggestive content, or the objectification of women will not be permitted.

Note 2 - Any trend that becomes detrimental to the learning process will be addressed when necessary and may cause changes, in part or all of the dress code.

Note 3 - Lenoir City Schools dress code is supported by School Board Policy.

Click here
to download a copy of the updated dress code.


Updated LCHS Cell Phone Policy

 1.     Students are not permitted to use cell phones during instructional time unless otherwise directed by the teacher in their class. This permission will be granted on an as needed basis with due regard to explicit use of the technology for instruction and adequate supervision by the instructor. (Instructional time is considered, for these purposes, to be bell to bell during the academic periods of the day, including activity period, whether the student is in the classroom or in other areas the building).

2.     Students are allowed to use their cell phones for reasonable and appropriate purposes during all noninstructional times during the school day (lunch, class changes, before 8:20 and after 3:30)

3.     The taking of photos or the recording of videos, whether by cell phone or any other so capable device, in places where privacy is a reasonable expectation, is strictly prohibited. An incident of this nature could result in a sexual harassment violation.

4.     Using cell phones to record altercations on school grounds or at school events is prohibited. In such cases, phones may be confiscated and used for evidence with the possibility of discipline imposed under the statute of provoking and/or inciting a fight.

5.     Under teacher direction, cell phones may be placed on the student’s desk or other area specified by the teacher, in the “off” or “quiet” mode at the beginning of the class.

 This change in policy allows students more freedom to make relevant contact with parents/guardians at regular, predetermined times throughout the day, With this freedom, there is an expectation that cell phones issues during instructional time will diminish. If that is not the case, the school administration may see fit to make adjustments as needed.

 Consequences for Cell Phone Policy Violations

1.     Violation of the above policy will result in the student’s cell phone being confiscated for three days.

2.     Students may choose to have their cell phone returned before the end of the three days by paying a five dollar (cash only) fine at the end of the school day in the main office.

3.     An administrator will be contacted if the student refuses to give up the phone for a violation. The student’s insubordination may result in ISS.


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