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ACT Sept 22 @ 8:00 AM LCHS

Posted Date: 09/21/2020

ACT Sept 22 @ 8:00 AM LCHS

Spring DATES 


APR 17

JUN 12

JUL 17

4 ways the ACT can help students get where they are going:

SCHOLARSHIPS- Taking the ACT can increase your chances of earning scholarships.

ENGLISH LEARNER SUPPORT- The ACT is the only college entrance exam that provides support to English language learners on national test dates.

COLLEGE & CAREER PLANNING – ACT test results include an education and career planning section.

STEM READINESS – The ACT is the only national college entrance exam to measure science skills, including a reportable STEM score.

Notes for testing-

This is just a reminder that the ACT is a requirement for graduation. Please plan to arrive by 8:00 AM. You will need to bring a photo ID, two number 2 pencils, and a face mask. Your face mask will only be required during the check-in procedures, designated breaks, and check-out. All students will be able to test in small groups to allow for social distancing during the duration of the test. 

LCHS will provide breakfast before we begin testing. Due to the testing schedule, there will not be an opportunity for 2nd Breakfast. We encourage all students to bring a bottle of water and a small snack for the designated break. Lunch will also be provided. Buses will run on this day. 

Electronics  (cell phones, smartwatches, computers, tablets, etc) are not permitted into the testing room. This year, ACT prohibits students from wearing any watch during testing. If at all possible, leave the items in your car before entering the building. Students will have their temperatures taken upon arrival. All students MUST enter through the front entrance for the check-in procedures. 

All seniors will complete the non-tested portion of the ACT on September 14-18 in homeroom on their assigned days per our hybrid schedule. If you are an iLearn student, Mr. Hudson emailed you a Google Form to sign up for a time to come in and complete this task.