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5-1 Rotation Explained – this video does a good job of explaining the overlap rules as well as showing the serve and serve recieve setups for each rotation.

6-2 Rotation Explained – same presenter as the 5-1 rotation video above. However, he misrepresents the rotation names (e.g. refers to rotation 2 serve as rotation 1) but overall does a fair job of explaining each.

Serve Receive Setups with Videos – this is a good series of videos showing a 5-1 and each rotation. Kind of strange because each rotation is a seperate video but they should progress from one rotation to the next (but not always so I included a link to each rotation below). The videos are really good for seeing how the rotation looks with actual players on the court. They also do a good job of showing the variations in each rotation. Do not get confused if the first option they show is NOT the setup I gave you – just wait they will show it. While not part of rotations, it gives you an introduction to some hitting terminology (red, go, slide, quick, etc.) as well. Another thing to watch when you see the videos of actual players, watch how quiet their platform is. No swinging. No jumping. No craziness. Just a solid quiet platform directing the ball to target. Here are the other videos incase you need a specific rotation: Rotation 1Rotation 2 – Rotation 3 – Rotation 4 – Rotation 5 – Rotation 6

Our Rotation Guides: 5-1 Rotations 1 thru 3, 5-1 Rotations 4 thru 6


The Roll – nice video that explains how to roll after a dig. Key points – pass BEFORE you roll and stay low.

The Pancake – Victoria Garrick gives a tutorial on how to pancake the volleyball. If you’re not sure what a pancake is….well check out the video.


Arm Swing Mechanics – Two part video from Elevate Yourself on how to spike a volleyball. Part One. Part Two.