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Help Desk

Animated gif of a cartoon with a laptop and ?!, with the text LC Help Desk, Gotta Question? Email or stop by ... we can help.

The Help Desk is a student run computer repair center available for students and teachers alike. Our school computer technician, Alex Malone, and the students in Help Desk, will try everything they can to get your computer back to you working properly. 

A few notes about the Help Desk: 

  • The Help Desk opens at 8:05 every morning and is open throughout the day upon technician availability.  Loaners may be acquired through the Media Center if the Help Desk is closed.
  • Help Desk is closed during lunch. 
  • If you would like to speak to an adult, seek Alex Malone and if he is unavailable, Mrs. Mowery, the Media Specialist, will be available. 
  • If your computer is unable to be fixed easily, it will be sent off for repair.  A loaner device will be given to you while repairs are being made on your device.  Repairs are covered.  Deliberate damage is not.  Lost chargers are $30.
  • You may only receive a loaner Chromebook if your computer is out for repair.

Students working in the help desk are still learning, and it is a wonderful opportunity to develop more technology skills and communication skills.  Help Desk is offered 1st and 2nd block.

Taking Help Desk as a Class

Student Innovation is our student-operated help desk class located in the Media Center.  Students are trained to troubleshoot student technology issues on Chromebooks, iPads, and Macbooks.  We also produce quality school promotional items through a variety of media.   Sound studio equipment, vinyl, heat-press, and printing equipment is also located in the Media Center, so help desk students are encouraged to learn by tinkering so they can help other students utilize these resources. They are also called upon to help teachers as they integrate technology to personalize learning.  Students are trained to issue loaner devices and make simple repairs. This can be the capstone experience for Digital Arts and Business Management focus areas. This can also be a gateway for students to be placed in a work-based learning experience.