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Director's Notes

LC Panthers, Athletic Director Notes

Photo of Chris BrittainWelcome, My name is Chris Brittain and I am currently the Athletic Director at Lenoir City High School. I have been in this role since the spring of 2020. I grew up in Lenoir City and graduated from Lenoir City High School, where I participated in Baseball and Football.  After graduation, I attended the University of Tennessee and pursued a degree in education. I am in my 13th year as an educator for the Lenoir City School System. I have worked as a middle and high school teacher in the subjects of Social Studies, Physical Education, and Wellness. I have coached football for 9 years at Lenoir City High School and helped Lenoir City make 6 playoff appearances.  I am married to Lynzie Brittain and have 3 boys named Wyatt, Weston, and Lynnox.  My main goal as Athletic Director is to provide tools and resources for our coaches and players to compete at a high level.​


The mission of Lenoir City Athletics is to enrich the mental, social, and physical well-being of our student-athletes through athletic competition. Lenoir City Athletics will provide our student-athletes with opportunities that foster the skills, knowledge, and values needed to become successful and productive citizens in society.  


The Lenoir City Athletic Department will strive to provide our student-athletes with a highly competitive atmosphere that will build a foundation for success and growth that will last a lifetime. The Athletics Department at Lenoir City High School will have a transformative impact on our student-athletes by developing integrity, leadership, resilience, and teamwork. 


Academics- Lenoir City Athletics believes academics are vital to the success of our student-athletes. Our athletic programs will strive for academic excellence and encourage our student-athletes to reach their full academic potential.

Integrity- Lenoir City Athletics will compete with dignity, honesty, and fairness. Our athletic programs will instill a strong moral compass in our decision making. Character and sportsmanship is of the utmost importance.

Resilience- Lenoir City Athletics will strive to instill a growth mindset in our student-athletes. We will adapt and succeed in the face of adversity and learn from our mistakes. 

Leadership- Lenoir City Athletics will build the skills, qualities and foundation needed for our student-athletes to become leaders for their team, school, and community.  

Effort- Lenoir City Athletics will demand maximum effort from our student-athletes in sport and school. Effort is a key factor to the success of our programs. 


Adhere to rules and regulations set forth by the TSSAA.
Provide student-athletes and coaches with the tools, resources, and support needed to run a successful and highly competitive program.
Develop relationships with our feeder programs and middle school coaches.
Be effective communicators with our players, parents, coaches, and community members. 
Be an advocate for your program/sport.
Grow the program and increase student-athlete participation. 



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