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On the same day your child graduates from Lenoir City High School, they could also graduate with an Associates degree from Roane State.  This gives them a huge advantage over other college students.  They will effectively be 2 years ahead of other high school graduates.

It’s called Middle College.  It works by letting students take classes that count for both college and high school credit.  While many Middle College programs require students to attend classes on a college campus, Lenoir City High School offers middle college classes in the high school building. Getting to a college class is just a walk down the hall. 

Never heard of Mechatronics?  It’s the in-demand combination of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science.

Have a look below:

LCHS has a quarter million dollar mechatronics lab that is still expanding.

For more information about how your student could earn an Associates degree while still in high school, please contact the Counseling Office.